CCT Hall of Fame Panel

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The CCT HoF Panel discussion will start directly after the historical briefs at approximately 1430.  The Panel will consist of Col (Ret.) John “Coach” Carney, retired CMSgts Jim Howell, Mike Lampe and Wayne Norrad.  Unfortunately, CMSgt (Ret.) Alcide “Bull” Benini will not arrive in time to sit on the Panel, but he’ll be available later Friday afternoon and throughout Saturday to discuss his memoirs.  “Bull” was the first NCOIC of the first CCT established in 1953.  Previous to joining the Air Force, he enlisted in the Army and served in World War II.  He has an outstanding 30-year military career and storied background including the survival of the Bataan Death March and POW captivity.  He went on to attain the rank of Chief Master Sergeant and served in various leadership positions until his retirement in 1970.

You’ll have to attend the HoF Panel session to find out more about the other inductees.  So, please join us, ask questions and listen to the history of these CCT combat veterans who spent most of their career building the CCT and Special Tactics enterprise into what it is today.  Some were “First There.”  Please honor them by your presence.