2017 ReUnion Raffle

The 2017 CCA Re-Union Raffle

Raffle 1 - HD Street 500 (CANCELLED)

The CCA Board apologizes, but we must cancel the Harley-Davidson Raffle.

If you have purchased tickets for the Harley Motorcycle Raffle we will convert your purchase to Weapon Raffle tickets or issue a refund for the Harley Raffle purchase.

We appreciate your support of the CCA and apologize for the unfortunate events leading the change of plans.

Your Options - Refund or Convert

You should receive an email with this information asking for your preference for a refund, or conversion to the Weapon Raffle.

Raffle 2 -  Custom Hybrid 5.56 AR by Steve Bonner

  • By: Steve Bonner
  • What: Hybrid Custom 5.56 AR for the USAF Combat Control Association
  • Recommended Ammunition: Match Grade or Hand-load (65/67gr) 5.56
  • Recommended Optics: 4-16x50AO
  • Market Value: $4500

This Hybrid Custom AR (HCAR) is a firearm with exacting standards for superior performance and accuracy. With four decades of experience as a Law Enforcement Master Armorer and Gun Builder, Steve Bonner offers this custom hybrid rifle to the USAF Combat Control Association.

For the HCAR, Steve combines the excellence of industry leading components with meticulous engineering fitment to make a firearm of superior function reliability and match quality accuracy. This is #7 out of his shop as the HCAR grows in popularity for high end gun enthusiasts in the South East.

The HCAR's backbone matches a Juggernaut Tactical lower receiver to Colt upper receiver fitted with a Heckler & Koch 416 bolt and bolt carrier.

From this clever combination, Steve selects and custom fits remaining components to guarantee reliability through thousands of rounds and accuracy to a quarter-inch MOA at 100 meters.

The Details

Custom Hybrid 5.56 AR

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  • Juggernaut Tactical Lower Receiver - Superior quality, forged 7075 Aircraft-grade Aluminum
  • Colt Upper Receiver - Known quality after years of production with the M-4
  • H&K Bolt and Bolt Carrier - Life longevity and reliability, low failure rate
  • Stainless 416 Wyld Chamber - Throat design accommodates high-pressure ammo, does not sacrifice accuracy
  • Lothar Walther Stainless Steel Barrel - Industry hallmark with ninety years of experience providing precision barrels
  • Adams Arms Gas Piston - Best system in the market for durability and ease of use
  • Match-grade three-pound trigger
  • Fixed Sights - Low profile (pop-up)

Steve Bonner lives and has his shop in Hollins, Alabama on the southern edge of the Talladega National Forest. The Hollins community was once the hub for a bustling turn-of-the-century logging operation in the Bull Gap area of the forest. The area still supports the timber industry, as well as hunters and hikers.

For years, high end shooters and firearms engineers have made their way to Steve's back door to either get a custom gun or figure out a "better" design for a component. With experience as a nationally awarded marksman, an operator and gun builder, Steve Bonner's commitment reputation is to provide a "no-fail" weapon for the shooter.

Steve personally range tests each custom gun before releasing it to the owner. Bonner's guns are in the hands of law enforcement, military and expert shooters.

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Shoot well - be safe