What does the CCA do?

The Mission...

 of the Combat Control Association is the primary foundation of all CCA association activity and events.

We are actively engaged in assisting the membership in its mission to extend the proud history, heritage, and fraternity of Combat Controllers and of The United States Air Force Combat Control Teams.

The Association

The CCA is an organization with more than 1200 current members.  And, with a steadily growing membership from Combat Control Teams, and the broader community the Combat Control Association is a well organized, actively engaged and strongly supported organization.

CCA membership is made up of Combat Controllers past and present, of family members, and of a broader community of friends of Combat Controllers and individuals who are engaged in promoting and supporting the association.


With a steadily growing 1,200 plus member association, the Combat Control Association offers Regular and Lifetime Memberships, and Associate Memberships.

Regular and Life memberships are offered to current, retired and former Combat Controllers.

Associate memberships are extended to immediate family members of Combat Controllers, and to other individuals who share an interest in promoting and preserving the history, heritage and brotherhood of all Combat Controllers in the global community.

(Associate members are nominated and sponsored by a CCA member in good standing. Associate membership is approved by the CCA Board of Directors.)

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