The Association

The Combat Control Association

Where It Started

Following World War II, the need was recognized for a dedicated, professionally qualified unit specifically tasked to provide signals, instructions, control, navigational and guidance communications to airborne crews and to controlling authorities in combat, in training maneuvers, and in hostile or otherwise non-permissive environments. The United States Air Force lead the way to create Combat Control Teams to define and fulfill the requirements.

The requirements defined and called for a highly mobile, scalable and reactive force that could be deployed by any overt or covert technique appropriate for injection into, or extraction from operating zones worldwide. In 1953 the first Combat Control Team was created at Donaldson Air Force Base, South Carolina.

The Association

Combat Controllers are inseparably and fraternally joined into a one-one-of-a-kind brotherhood by the strong bonds of patriotism, conviction, and commitment never to fail.

For all Combat Controllers, past, present, and to those who continue and extend the proud history and heritage of United States Air Force Combat Control Teams,  we commit to formalize the Combat Control Association.


With a steadily growing 1,200 plus member association, the Combat Control Association offers Regular and Lifetime Memberships, and Associate Memberships.

Regular and Life memberships are offered to current, retired and former Combat Controllers.

Associate memberships are extended to immediate family members of Combat Controllers, and to other individuals who share an interest in promoting and preserving the history, heritage and brotherhood of all Combat Controllers in the global community.

(Associate members are nominated and sponsored by a CCA member in good standing. Associate membership is approved by the CCA Board of Directors.)

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